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Mountain Home Veterinary Clinic


Mountain Home Veterinary Clinic (MHVC) is a full-service veterinary clinic in Howard, Colorado offering routine preventative care including dentistry, wellness blood screening, nutritional counseling, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

MHVC’s only veterinarian, Dr. Jerry Dorsam, has forty years of experience in veterinary medicine, owning two practices prior to his settling in the Arkansas Valley.


·       WELLNESS BLOOD TESTING:  Our philosophy is that blood tests can be a critical companion to keeping our pets healthy. Blood tests can identify early-stage diseases that can be more easily treated or, in some cases, stopped. We recommend yearly screens to monitor the patient’s health. If for some reason, a test value increases, we’ll have a baseline to compare. Our wellness testing includes a complete blood count, serum chemistries (organ screens), SDMA (kidney function) and thyroid.

·       IMMUNIZATIONS – VACCINES: Our idea concerning vaccines is simple. We will not vaccinate a pet if it is not in the very best interests of that pet. There are many instances where we will counsel owners not to immunize their pet due to previous health issues or, more importantly, “lack-of-risk” for that disease. For example, if a kitty never goes outside, it is reasonable to question the use of vaccines for that pet.

·       DENTISTRY: We practice preventative and therapeutic dentistry. Because we know that 80% of our pets have periodontal disease by the time they reach three years of age, we feel it is important to regularly clean teeth. Plaque and calculus on the crown of the tooth is easy to see but it’s underneath the gum line that is critical to remove to prevent severe and debilitating periodontal infection, tooth and bone loss.

Our dental procedures are not performed by veterinary assistants but by the doctor himself. This ensures that there will be a complete and thorough evaluation of your pet's teeth and gums. An assistant is dedicated to the procedure so that constant monitoring of your pet's blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, and proper administration of intravenous fluids.

·       NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: We are huge believers in grain-free diets and will help owners find the right food for their pet. We see so many food-related allergies, sensitivities, and outright reactions including chronic and recurring itching/scratching/rashes, chronic ear infections, feet licking, coughing, etc. We try to tell everyone to avoid all grains, especially wheat and corn.

We have partnered with Veterinary Recommended Solutions and their prescription diet, Transparent Nutrition. VRS diets are formulated to be grain-free and contain specific nutrients for your pet's metabolic needs. The diet for orthopedic disease, for example, contains animal-protein as the primary ingredient as well as turmeric, ginger, and extremely high levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids - and each ingredient has solid research to back their addition into the food. 

When a starter bag of prescription food is purchased here at the clinic, a VRS Health Coach will contact the client within 48 hours and discuss the ingredients in detail and walk the client through the transition process. There is a 100% palatability guarantee with these diets. If your pet turns its nose, the clinic will take the food back with a full refund.

·        INTERNAL MEDICINE: Our in-house laboratory is capable of providing complete blood counts, serum chemistries, thyroid evaluation, and SDMA testing with the results in just minutes. Ultrasound technology is paramount in the diagnostic process and allows a more detailed and less invasive means of understanding you pet's disease process. Our unit is highly portable and has two probes with ability to change frequencies from 3.5 MHz to 7.5 MHz. 

·       SURGERIES: Dr. Dorsam was self-taught in many orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. He is experienced in bone-plating, extracapsular cruciate ligament repair procedures, and a multitude of soft tissue operations. There will be times when referral to a specialist is indicated but we can oftentimes offer an alternative when necessary.

·       HOSPICE CARE AND COUNSELING:  When end-of-life nears, that’s when all the compassion and caring for you and your pet is most critical. We will walk with you through the difficult process understanding the different stages of making that final decision. We partner with Arkansas Valley Humane Society to provide cremation services for your pet. Dr. Dorsam has always felt that this last visit to us with your beloved pet should be handled compassionately and with much love.