Every pet has a unique set of needs. We offer three basic MHVC Family Rewards Plans and our staff can help you select the plan that will meet your pet’s needs. What’s even better, MHVC Family Rewards Plans are good for your pet and your wallet.

Our adult plans

Silver includes an biannual preventive care examination, core vaccines boosters and basic laboratory tests
necessary to help protect pets against illness and disease. Gold is designed to keep your pet healthy and
happy during the prime years of life. This plan also includes our routine dental cleaning package. Platinum is our most comprehensive plan, which ensures we’re looking at the types of diseases and conditions that affect pets in all stages of their lives.

We can spread your preventive care costs out in 12 affordable payments. And there are other perks, too. Ask us about MHVC Family Rewards Plans today!

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Kitten & Puppy Prices


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