Mountain Home Veterinary Clinic


Mountain Home Veterinary Clinic (MHVC) was established in Arkansas Valley over twenty years ago. The first owner was Dr. Mary Hopkins until she sold the practice to Dr. Deb Alsup. In 2013 Dr. Mary came back to Colorado and “re-purchased” the practice from Dr. Deb.

MHVC has always been a community, family-oriented practice. With the previous owners’ love and caring the practice flourished providing excellent quality medicine for our little community.

As the New Year approached, Dr. Hopkins, seeking to retire, asked Dr. Jerry Dorsam to take over the practice.

 On January 8, 2018, Dr. Dorsam became the third owner of MHVC bringing forty years of practice ownership and experience to our valley. Dr. Dorsam owned an equine and small animal practice for twenty years in western North Carolina. In 2001 he and his wife, Kathy, and kids, moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he owned a small animal hospital. In late 2015, Dr. Dorsam sold his practice and “retired.”

In April 2016, Dr. Dorsam and his family bought a small farm on Highway 50 in Howard (Mother’s Earth Homestead) intent on growing organic produce. His love for the outdoors kept him busy until Dr. Mary asked him to help with the clinic. His love and passion for animals and veterinary medicine led him back into practice ownership.

Dr. Dorsam’s philosophy has always been that the pet comes first. He has always been an advocate for the pet’s health and well-being. Honest, ethical treatment of the animal and the pet’s “parents” has been the rock of his forty years in practice.

He has always enjoyed being a problem-solver looking to better understand the root cause of the illness rather than “throwing medications at the problem.” He strongly believes in prevention of disease through wellness blood testing, comprehensive, thorough examinations, and maintenance of oral health. Dr. Dorsam is a strong believer in quality, grain-free nutrition knowing that many of today’s ailments is directly related to poor diets.